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What Is Vicendum?

In short, it is the truth about this world. I started this project with a mission- to expose the various governments of their lies and their deceit to their own people and the people of the world. We live in a world where so much is spun it is very difficult to know where the truth ends and the lies begin.

So I set myself out on a mission, to collect as much information as I can about this world, as well as to give you its stories...but not just any story. The raw story, where you learn simply the facts and nothing but the facts, so that you, yourself can make up your own mind about what is really going on.

Because the reality is, if we're ever going to stop another conflict, if we're ever going to stop another war and achieve real, actual, everlasting peace in this world, there is only one way to do it.

The truth.

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