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Utah is a small landlocked nation located in North America, with Canada to the north and the American Confederacy at its other borders. The successor to the nation of Deseret, Utah is a charter signatory of the Treaty of Buffalo. They are officially a secular state that grants equal and fundamental rights to all of its citizens, but their politics and cultural practices are highly influenced by the state's predominant peoples, the Mormons. Thus, the practice of polygamy is legal and widely practiced, and stricter standards than the rest of America apply to policies regarding family and social life. The Ute people are the other politically dominant group in the state, managing to preserve their own culture despite the Mormon dominance, although many Utes feel that since Utah is more of a "Mormon state" it should use the Mormon name, not the Utes' tribal name.

Utah's independence was recognized on May 1, 2017 after a Mundiali investigation revealed that the plebiscites that declared that Utah (and Canada) join the American Confederacy were invalid. Despite protests from President Haylie Modine, Virtue and Rome voted to recognize Utah's and Canada's independence as a result of the findings.

At A Glance

Nation Name: The Holy Republic of Utah

Demonym: Utahan

Capital: Salt Lake City

Independence or Founding Date: May 1, 2017

Population: (see list of countries by GDP)

Official Language(s): American English

Government Type: Constitutional Republic

Head of State: President Charles Rathburn

Head of Government: President Charles Rathburn

Official Religion: None

Largest Religion: Mormonism

Constitution: Yes

Economy Type: Mixed market socialism

Currency: American dollar ($)

Summer Time: Yes

Calling Code: +1

Internet TLD: .ut

Maritime Boundary (nm): 24

Aircraft Registration Code: UTH

Political Rating: Theocratic Republic

Military Size: 2% of the population in peace time, can reach up to 5% at wartime or higher if needed.

Military Capability Score (out of 100, rating by Worldwide Defence Trade Association (WDTA)): 40 (Poor)

Technological Innovation Score: Military (WDTA): 60/100 (Average), Scientific (University poll): 80/100 (Good), Other (University poll): 80/100 (Good)

Economic Rating (by Standard & Poor): 40/100 (Poor) (See list of countries by GDP)

Economic Freedom Index (by Standard & Poor): 65/100 (average mix of economic freedoms curtailed by government regulations)

Health Care Rating (by Doctors Without Borders): 70/100 (Above Average)

Health Care System: Universal

Political Freedom Index (by Reporters Without Borders): 50/100 (Poor)- Although freedom of the press, expression and to protest are enshrined in the Constitution, the government controls all media and heavily suppresses any opposition to its policies.

Drug Laws: Recreational drug trade is outlawed.

Gun Control: Restrictions vary by region.

Environmental Policy Rating (by Greenpeace): 100/100 (complete attention paid to environmental concerns)