The Revenant is a legendary character assumed to be behind several clandestine operations on behalf of the Virtue Federation. It is a figure of common speech, invoked at times when it appears that an event serves as a "corrective measure" to stop a country from straying from Virtual principles. Because so few details emerge from these events, most invocations of The Revenant are conjectural in nature, with very few in agreement of which events are at the hands of The Revenant and which are at the hands of local terrorists. Nevertheless, the types of events The Revenant is said to be behind include (but are not limited to): espionage, assassinations, mass murders, armed robberies, fraud, human trafficking, the narcotics trade and other kinds of terrorist activity.

Officially, Virtue denies any existence of The Revenant, asserting that it is a figment of the public's imagination and that the public invokes the figure as a mean to absolve themselves of the failures of their own policies. However, several sceptics believe the numerous incidences of conspiratorial acts are far too common to be mere coincidences, further believing that Virtue does not do enough to quash The Revenant's existence as a mean of maintaining control over its populace. As Scottish political scientist Robert Thatcher noted in a speech in 2012, "as long as the public believes there's an ominous figure hanging over their heads ready to strike at the mere instance that they go astray, Virtue has no reason to do away with The Revenant."