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The official avatar for Roman Caesar Erasmus.

Erasmus (born January 6, 1964 as Bill Firechild at Roman Arctic Base Alert, Ellesmere Island), is the 295th and current Roman Caesar, having won the position over the incument, Valerius IV, on March 15, 2017. In defeating Valerius, Erasmus becomes the first person to defeat an incumbent Caesar who has held the office for more than one term, while also becoming the first person not born in either Europe or Africa to become the Caesar.

Erasmus ran on a campaign dedicated to "bringing strength back to the Roman Empire", believing that Valerius cost the Empire too much by being what he described as "a compromiser". His impassioned, tough but measured rhetoric allowed him to build enough momentum to overtake Valerius in the campaign's final weeks, but it has also meant that he is seen as a largely polarizing figure.

Prior to becoming Caesar, Erasmus served as Arctic Police Forces Chief for the Arctic Republics within the North American Union. The NAU's eventual collapse into Virtue-held territory after it had been Roman prompted Erasmus to run for politics, as he believed it signaled a weakness within Roman politics that needed to be addressed.